Stand-alone website an important component but needs to be aligned with other forms of partnerships/marketing for viable revenue stream

Once you have your website filled with relevant contents/images/videos/extensions/SMO or Social Media Optimization in terms of Facebook profile/Twitter handle, you have a product to start with which you can now monetize. If yours is a content website (online publishing), direct selling or reference could mean visiting personally to raise a subscription for ads. You can raise subscriptions for advertising on your website or align with manufacturers whose products you plan to sell. You can now visit an office, offer them a download of a free software product link of which included on your website, and request them to subscribe to your newsletter in favor. Next, you refer them products that you are entitled to advertise as publisher and earn a commission (with the likes of AmazonCommission Junction) on sales through your newsletter as part of email marketing and personal interaction the next time you have an appointment with. Read More …

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