How to save one-month rent while looking for new office to rent and why young professionals should opt for a rented home instead of buying a new property

You are looking for a new premise on rent for your small business. You understand that buying an office is a costly affair and means blocking a substantial portion of liquid cash which could otherwise be used for meeting other pressing needs of your business. Your need is urgent, and you want to accomplish your objective with minimal of cost. One strategy that you can pursue is to visit online property portals that are popular in your country, city and make searches that exclude brokers. For instance, you are fresh in Kolkata and want to rent an office within a week or two. Not a problem. Choose Google search engine by typing (if you are from Australia, you type By default, Google opts the result for your region by itself and so you need not worry. You can just type on the browser address bar. Next, type keywords like property portal, rent, office space, Kolkata. You can obviously try other keywords based on your imagination and requirements. Read More …

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