3 components of brand name and a business idea for freelancers and investors

Here are three components of a brand name to start with:

  1.  Brand name itself (Google)
  2.  Logo
  3. Domain name (google.com)

According to Margot Bushnaq, founder of BrandBucket, there are eleven features that make up a good brand name (How to Choose a Business Name – An Introduction):

  1. Top Level Domain or TLD
  2. Length
  3. Real Word/Expression
  4. Alphabet
  5. Pronunciation
  6. Spelling
  7. Conflicts
  8. Industry Match
  9. Longevity
  10. Uniqueness
  11. General Retention

It is easier to assign score to TLD (.com commanding greater weightage than .net and .org) and Length of domain name (shorter domains commanding more value; according to BrandBucket, exponentially important as the name gets shorter) than Pronunciation and Retention, which according to BrandBucket, are most difficult of all features to rate. Trademark requires a country-specific approach. Read More …

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