Seasonal marketing is during a ll|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the foremost natural elements to leverage in a campaign. Summer is an ideal example, but as summer starts winding down and we’re entering fall, some businesses are slow to vary gears.

You need to adopt a special mindset when transitioning your marketing between summer and fall. At the top of the summer, you ought to size up of your goals and set new ones for your fall marketing, while ensuring your approach reflects current realities and challenges.

Thirteen experts from Forbes Agency Council discuss how a business can transition between the summer and fall advertising periods, and offer recommendations on the way to make that transition more seamless.

Members offer some essential marketing tips for agencies preparing their fall media campaigns.


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1. do not be Tone-Deaf

When it involves marketing, particularly during our current global pandemic, one mistake tons of companies make is that they don’t concentrate to or address what people are handling . Instead, they simply push their marketing agenda, which isn’t an honest look. – Drew Gerber, Wasabi Publicity, Inc.

2. Build Brand Awareness Early

Start building brand awareness before you think that . Brands look to quickly scale revenue within the fall. Strong response rates driven by enticing offers mean that brands can acquire more customers efficiently. It’s imperative that brands have large brand-aware audiences to enable success and drive the size they’re trying to find . – Samir Balwani, Methods & Metrics

3. Plan In Increments

Be agile. When it involves your fall marketing efforts, plan briefly increments of your time so you’ll be nimble, allowing quick adaptation and optimization. We are hardly out of the woods with the pandemic, so having a contingency plan should we return to lockdown is critical. – Laura Cole, Vivial

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4. Leave Room For Ad-Hoc Messaging

Always leave room for ad-hoc moments and messaging. Today’s world is ever-changing, and you would like to remain relevant in the least times. Create values and a purpose that’s long term/evergreen, play with seasonality, but also leave that flexibility to tap into current conversations and culture. The social media landscape is ideal for that. – Maddie Raedts, IMA – Influencer Marketing Agency

5. confirm you’ve got The Bandwidth

Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth! Customer experience is usually important but with likely significant increases in online activity, make certain that your website can handle increased traffic and purchases, strengthen customer service including plans to support customers from home (do your employees have access to the tech and high-speed internet?), and — as always — have your marketing plan laid call at advance. – Chris Graham, Graham Advisory Network Inc.

6. Approach Each Campaign Individually

Make sure to approach each campaign as its own entity, no matter its seasonality. The time of year is not the only thing that changes from campaign to campaign, especially within the times that we are currently living through. Every changing circumstance must be in consideration during the preparation stage. – Dmitrii Kustov, Regex SEO

7. Plan Media beforehand

This fall will bring many changes like a crowded political media marketplace and consumers who are navigating a nontraditional back-to-school season. Planning media beforehand are going to be more important than ever to make sure you stay present within the consumer’s mind. because the marketing landscape continues to shift, businesses got to be agile to quickly suits a changing landscape and consumer needs. – Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, Hawthorne LLC

8. Adapt Your Purchasing Infrastructure

With COVID-19, consumer buying behaviors have changed dramatically. the error businesses may make is thinking that their customers are going to be purchasing from them within the same way and for an equivalent reasons as before. One remedy is to adapt your purchasing infrastructure to be digitally focused supported specific customer behavioral patterns. – Roger Hurni, Off Madison Ave

9. confirm The Content Is Posted Early

If you propose to feature seasonal content to your website, confirm it’s in situ and indexable (meaning it are often found by Google) before starting your promotion. Manual indexing can take up to four weeks, and while it’s possible to hurry up the method by requesting indexing directly from Google, it still doesn’t guarantee new pages will show up immediately. – Hannah Trivette, NUVEW Web Solutions

10. continue With Current Trends

Be cognizant of the trends that are currently happening in these unprecedented times and be prepared to pivot your fall campaigns a couple of times. What you’ll think will work one week could potentially change supported what’s happening within the world. The “new normal” is changing and marketing must change thereupon . – Warren Jolly, AdQuadrant

11. Be Clear On Past Successes And Failures

Be clear on the successes and failures of the year before and revisit the audience they’re targeting to live changes in attitudes and behaviors, new technologies and competitive values. Things change and agencies got to get on top of and before those changes in order that they can help their clients be ahead and in sync with the shifts in order that they are going to be relevant to their audience . – Pat Fiore, FIORE

12. Remember Not All Audiences Are an equivalent

It’s important to recollect that not all of your audiences are an equivalent . There are some folks that do not know much about your business et al. that adore your brand. Create marketing that captures interest from new prospects and also campaigns that provide rewards for your most loyal customers. – Brian Meert, AdvertiseMint

13. Reconsider Your Back-To-School Campaign

Think carefully before running the normal back-to-school-themed campaign creative which can not resonate together with your customers. School won’t look an equivalent for anyone this year, and lots of parents are keeping their kids reception for virtual learning or homeschooling. Some brands have already embraced this shift with “back to learning” messaging rather than “back to high school .” – Keri Witman, Clever Lucy

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